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All services offered by Platform Sync are designed from the ground up to be managed by us. No need for expensive infrastructure or specialized knowledge. Just set and focus on growing your rust organization!

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Platform Sync seemlessly syncs between your discord server, rust servers and players.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Platform Sync Free?

Yes, Platform Sync has a free plan!

What's are the differences between Platform Sync and Platform Sync Pro?

The free plan gives your complete access to the our discord bot and rust plugin to run in isolation. Platform Sync Pro gives you access to advanced features like global database searching.

What is global database searching?

Global database searching allows you and your admin team to search for linked accounts across our entire network and not just accounts linked with your rust organization.

Can I swap between Platform Sync and Platform Sync Pro?

Yes! Platform Sync Pro is a monthly subscription that you can upgrade and downgrade from anytime.

Do you support Nitro Boosting?

Both Platform Sync and Platform Sync Pro support Nitro Boosting. You can even give Nitro Booters and Verified Users different rewards!

Can I customize the bot at all?

Platform Sync Pro allows you to change the bots name to whatever you like as well as upload backgrounds to make your linking page your own!

Does Platform Sync integrate with any support tools?

Yes! Platform Sync and Platform Sync Pro are integrated with Metzey's Ticket Support System. Find out more at here

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Platform SyncPro$5per month
  • Platform Sync Discord Bot
  • Rust Plugin
  • Global Database Searching
  • Custom Landing Page and Bot Name
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